I spent every single year until I was 21 planning to be a journalist and to write incisive stories from war-zones all over the world. There is a sound reason (and a good story!) as to why that did not happen, but nevertheless, I am a writer at heart, and record my own and others’ ideas in several different contexts.


‘DISRUPT YOUR CAREER – how to navigate uncharted career transitions and thrive’ is my first published book, alongside my friend and co-author, Antoine Tirard. According to CEOs and CHROs from companies like L’Oréal, McKinsey and Novartis, as well as thought leaders like Herminia Ibarra and Lynda Gratton, “This book provides invaluable insight, research and strategies for improvement in both talent strategy and career management. The stories are inspiring and authentic, indicating new paths to follow, and innovative approaches to managing career paths for both companies and individuals.”


Articles around all aspects of career and talent management are published regularly, and others appear, quoting me as an expert in both coaching and career management. The most regular publishing venue is the INSEAD Knowledge Blog, where numerous articles have appeared, and our following is in the tens of thousands.


While not the heart of my business activity, I occasionally help select coaches and consultants to draw out their brilliance into an impactful website. I choose to do this to support those whose work I deeply believe in, or indeed to help coaches find their voice, and strengthen their reach. There is another reason, which is that I simply find it fun, and I happen to be gifted at it. If you wish to explore this route, then we can collaborate to ensure you convey your best possible story to the world.


As with the website creation, I occasionally bring out my keyboard to help clients promote their own awesomeness in ways they would otherwise be too modest to do. I can work with you over the months and years to create timely, incisive and impactful posts that have relevance to your clients and potential audience, attracting more interest, engagement and business on your behalf.




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