The Missing Piece…
Claire Harbour

If you want the very best for your child: success, happiness, top overseas universities and jobs, wealth, choice and abundance, you need to help that child BLOSSOM

Most parents who want to ensure their child’s future success and happiness do what they can to get help with academic tuition, relevant language learning, and university admissions. This is not enough, however devotedly the parents feel they are behaving.

Coaches working with university graduates, from both East and West, find, again and again, that if the focus is only on “grades” there is little chance of an easy transition into a happy life and career after university.

Universities are looking for more than grades, and the best applicants have not only straight A’s, but also hobbies they are passionate about, causes they are engaged with, and interests they are sincerely spending time on developing.

Company recruiters are similar: if you apply for a graduate job at Goldman Sachs or Facebook with straight A’s but no work experience, no volunteer stories to recount, and no mistakes made while stretching yourself, you simply will not get a place. Competition is merciless.

Figuring out what is important, who you are, where your values lie, and what you might like to do to earn a living are such enormously complex questions, that most young people do not dare really tackle them at all until it is too late. They focus on learning the information they are taught, whether they are 14 or 24, and yet it is the feelings that they need to understand and master!

Claire Harbour (BA/MA Can tab, MBA INSEAD) has been coaching (over 2,000) young people from the world over for the past ten years, and helps them to identify their passions, their values, their direction and their stories, as well as their creativity and critical thinking skills. She then supports them in making sure their stories are told in the right way to convince university admissions committees, recruiters and, even more crucially, other human beings with whom these young people are building the future.

Through the BLOSSOM program and methodology, she offers group coaching, online courses, and one-to-one coaching, to young people aged from 14 to 24, helping them to create happy, balanced, successful and fulfilled adult futures for themselves.