I spent years as a strategy and executive search consultant, working for clients across the globe, and was always fascinated by how to get people behind strategic decisions, and to make things happen organizationally. I continue
to consult and advise, focusing on any aspect linked to people, talent and culture.


You might be growing faster than you planned for? Or struggling to attract the right talent? Maybe your staff’s churn rate is higher than you would like? Or you might even be lacking inspiration as to how to train, motivate and develop your people. I have done all this as a leader of large and small companies, and as a strategist. I see quickly through the mess and can help you be creative in how you identify new, hidden talent pools, attract extraordinary people and keep them passionately happy for as long as you want.


Working all over the world, and with companies focusing on cross-border work, I have an intuitive understanding of the cultural stakes, wherever I am. Clients often choose to work with me because of my unusual scope of comprehension, geographically and culturally, linguistically and organizationally. My clients bring me on board to resolve differences, to create collaboration and cohesion, and I love making this happen without drama and with lasting impact.


Business schools and companies find it valuable to get my perspective and energy on careers, talent management, and a range of people, talent and culture issues. This can be done one-on-one, but also in teams, or even conferences. Whatever the issue, I can help you to work on it collaboratively, knowing when to encourage, when to quieten, and how to get to resolution as soundly and fast as possible.


I advise a variety of companies on matters pertaining to People, Talent and Culture, and do this variously as a board member, trustee or external advisor. My clients and partners include charities, NGO’s, venture capital firms and early growth companies.




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