Over the past ten years, I have coached hundreds of amazing individuals, who all played bravely, and, as a consequence, exploded their game and their impact. I choose to work only with clients who inspire me, whose values I identify with, and who want to have fun while growing. I will challenge you, support you, push and encourage you. Are you ready for an exciting ride?


For those who have reached a level of “success” as most people might see it, but who know that there is still more to life, and greater impact to create. Through asking questions that serve, not questions that please, I will help you find your true north, your “why”, and to pursue relentlessly your authentic meaning in life until you flourish, filled with joy.


Whatever stage you have reached in your career, there are no more safety nets or straight line careers in the 21st century. The workplace is shifting, and if you are yearning to create a bold transition, or if circumstances dictate that you make a move, we need to talk! Through experience, and all the research and feedback from my book on career transition, I will help you find your direction, recognize your inner brilliance, tell your story and create the impact you are searching for.


When you are in the early stages of your career, it can be daunting to make confident decisions. Do you really know what you want to do? Are you clear about why? Do you have the tools and the courage to identify those you need to convince of your greatness? And can you pull off the whole deal through to a signed contract? I can help you to see the wood for the trees, to navigate all kinds of challenges, especially if you are heading for a career away from your home country, and you will blossom brighter and better as a result.


Too many graduates are ill prepared for their dream careers. Indeed, most do not really have any idea of what their dream truly is. There is a Missing Piece that both students and parents fatally ignore, despite often spending a small fortune on language and academic tutoring. I work with teenagers globally, to develop self-knowledge and confidence, emotional intelligence, commercial awareness, cultural sensitivity, creative and critical thinking, and I make it fun! This is crucial for all those who dream of studies and success overseas.




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